Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why I support Jenn Marcum For Monroe County Clerk*

I would like to express my opinion for the best candidate for Monroe County Clerk. Jenn Marcum has been a true public servant and volunteer for our community for over 12 years. She and her family have worked tirelessly for the Democratic Party volunteering and doing whatever is necessary and asked of them. In addition, Jenn has a strong commitment to our local not-for-profit organizations having served on over 30 committees, boards and commissions including Middleway House Builder’s, United Way of Monroe County and Shalom Community Center.

Jenn currently is a member of the board of trustees for Monroe County Historical Society and volunteers at the History Center. She is also a 21st Century Scholar mentor. Jenn Marcum has been a government employee and public service worker her entire adult life. She has worked in every capacity of the Election Process in the Clerk’s office. She has extensive knowledge of the Election law and how to apply it. Her strength of commitment to the Democratic Party, her experience with the Clerk’s office and her commitment to excellence combined with attention to detail and strong passion makes her an excellent candidate. Vote for Jenn Marcum for County Clerk on May 4th.

*posted as a Letter to the Editor in the 4/9/10 edition of the Herald Times in Bloomington, IN

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  1. A woman with your name crossed my mind again, so I thought about investing a few minutes doing another search. Did you ever work in Quantico, VA?